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PRO MMA will be bringing you live results and round by round blow by blow commentary.  The action is taking place at the Horshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana but never fear, you don’t have to pack your bags and travel across the nation to see this event.  You don’t even have to worry if you don’t have Showtime, because PRO MMA will bring you all the results in real time as they happen.  Keep your browser here!

Lyle Fancy Pants Beerbohm (7-0) of Spokane, Wash. vs. Rafaello Trator Olivera (2-0) of Brazil, in a battle of unbeaten 160-pounders
Rafaello currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is a black belt in BJJ. Fancy Pants is definitely wearing some colorful fancy pants that his mother made. Beerbohm came in over weight. Beerbohm has called out Nick Diaz recently
Rd.1 – Olivera gets the takedown right away and delivers some punches to Beerbohm’s face. Olivera looking for a triangle. Elbows to Beerbohm’s head while being held in triangle but he escapes. Olivera looks for a kimura but no dice. Beerbohm makes it back to his feet and eats a knee to the face for his troubles. High kick by Beerbohm. Fireman’s carry by Beerbohm. Olivera gets him in an armbar but Beerbohm picks him up and slings him off. Nice takedown by Beerbohm followed by an elbow that cuts Olivera instantly producing a lot of blood. Olivera looking for a leg lock but Beerbohm escapes. Very active round for both fighters. Olivera has a deep gash from the elbow. Looks like a knife cut him it is such a clean large cut. Commentator, Stephen Quadros says, “you could put a quarter in that thing.” And the fight has been stopped by doctor’s order. Lyle Beerbohm defeats Rafaello Olivera by TKO. (doctor’s stoppage due to cut) This fight makes a good case for those people who think elbows should be replaced by knees to the head and soccer kicks while on the ground. Olivera was doing very well and one single elbow lost him the fight. It’s unfortunate it has to end like that but that’s the way it goes I guess. Beerbohm says he will beat up either Diaz or Alvarez, whoever wins their fight; he wants them.

Alexander Storm Shlemenko (29-5) of Omsk, Russia vs. Robert Bubba McDaniel (12-4) of Wichita Falls, Tex., at 185 pounds
This is Alexander Shlemenko’s first fight against an American. His name immediately reminds me of another couple of Russians: Emelianenko, Shlemenko, both from Russia. These Russian “enko’s” are dangerous fighters! Maybe they are cousins. It’s Bubba vs. Storm!
Rd.1 – McDaniel goes for a takedown but Shlemenko grabs the top of the cage and delays the inevitable. Bubba gets him down and drops some elbows. Storm looking for a kimura but Bubba rolls over and out of it. They stand up and Bubba has Storm’s back but lets it go. Bubba drops levels and takes the Russian down again. However, the Storm rises back up only to be Shlemenko’d right back down. Bubba has side control and puts a big knee into the Russian’s rib cage and puts some elbows on his head as well. Bubba has his back now with hooks in and throwing multiple head shots. Storm rolls over, Bubba full mounts. The Russian gives up his back, Bubba goes for the rear naked choke but the Russian gets out momentarily. Shlemenko stands up, goes for a spinning backfist but McDaniel ducks. Just a few seconds left…the Russian jumps up with a flying knee that hits Bubba McDaniel in the ribs and drops him to the mat. He is hurt as bad as any fighter I have ever seen. The knee hit McDaniel right under the heart. Bubba is moaning and groaning in pain for minutes continuously afterward. He cannot stand to his feet without help. His corner is telling him to get up but he says he can’t. Incredible shot by Alexander Shlemenko. Told ya’ them Russian “enko’s” are deadly!!! Alexander Shlemenko defeats Robert McDaniel by TKO due to a flying knee.

Anthony The Recipe Lapsley (13-3) of Fort Wayne, Ind. vs. Mike Stumpf (10-1) of Crystal Lake, Fla., at 170 poundsStumpf comes in 2.5 pounds overweight.
Rd.1 – They clinch and Lapsley lands a couple of knees to Stumpf’s head. Stumpf gets a takedown and is on top of Lapsley. Lapsley gets back to his feet and throws a left roundhouse kick that catches Stumpf in the head. It goes back to the ground with Lapsley on top. Hammerfist and ground and pound by Lapsley. Huge left hand from the standing position to the face of downed Stumpf and another one. Arm triangle attempt by Lapsley. Up kick hits Lapsley’s chin. Very fast pace being pushed by Lapsley.
Rd.2 – Big combo landed by Lapsley. Knees from Lapsley while clinched. Lapsley throws Stumpf down and tries to get on top of him but Stumpf gets back up, yet Lapsley puts him right back down. Lapsley looking for the full mount, softening him up with punches and hammerfists. Lapsley getting a bit reckless at times but very aggressive. Elbows by Lapsley. Ref stands them up. Lapsley comes in swinging big but gets taken down and Stumpf is going for a kimura. Stump gets full mount. Ref says he’s gonna stand them up while Stumpf is in full mount! LOL I would have probably thrown my remote control through the TV if that had happened…thank goodness the bell sounded.
Rd.3 – Stumpf swings, misses and Lapsley retaliates with a combo and a kick to the head. Stumpf eats a knee and a right. Lapsley throws Stumpf to the ground hard. Elbows from Lapsley. This referee is annoying the hell out of me. He keeps saying, “let’s go, come on” and the dude has been pushing the pace all night. Ref calls for time for some reason which I cannot figure out, he doesn’t move them from the ground and then restarts them in the same exact spot in about eight seconds. Strange. Ref stands them up. Flying knee by Stumpf gets caught in mid-air and Lapsley puts him right back on his back where they were and the ref picks right up on cue, “let’s go, come on.” Boo’s now coming from the crowd a bit. Knees by Lapsley to the grounded Stumpf. Lapsley grinding out the final seconds. With ten seconds left the ref stands them up. They swing it out for a few seconds until the bell sounds. Anthony Lapsley defeats Mike Stumpf by Majority Decision. Nice solid win for Anthony Lapsley. One judge scored the fight EVEN – – WTF??? How could any judge see that fight even? That judge should be fired and sent somewhere to a job that blind people can do because this isn’t one of them.

Mamed Cannibal Khalidov (17-3-1) of Olsztyn, Poland vs. Jason Guida (17-17) of Schaumburg, Ill., at 205 pounds
Jason Guida is the brother of UFC veteran Clay Guida and Clay is in Jason’s corner. Jason also was on the first episode of this season’s The Ultimate Fighter, TUF 8, but could not make weight so was not allowed to continue. Jason has shaved his head.
Rd.1 – Big right hook by Guida. Khalidov dives and rolls into a kneebar on Guida very slick. He switches to a heel hook but Guida grabs his own foot lock. Neither get it. They scramble on the ground. Khalidov goes for an armbar but no dice. Khalidov does a roundhouse upkick from the floor that connects to Guida’s face. Incredible. Guida has a cut on his head. Khalidov is very unorthodox. Elbows to the back of the head by Khalidov. Body shot by Khalidov. Takedown by Guida. Elbows from the bottom by Khalidov. Guida in Khalidov’s half guard. Khalidov is very crafty however Guida still maintaining control from the top. Lay and pray to end the round by Guida.
Rd.2 – Leg kick Guida but countered with a right hand. Jumping knee by Khalidov followed by a spinning heel kick. Guida looking winded. One, two punch from Khalidov. Guida ties up. Big combo from Khalidov mostly blocked. The fight goes down with Khalidov in Guida’s guard. Guida gets to his feet and they tie up. Khalidov pushes him off and connects with some big punches. Guida goes for a shot but is sprawled by Khalidov. Huge uppercut to Guida while he is resting on his knees. Ref calls time as they look for Guida’s mouthpiece. LOL both fighters and two refs are looking all around the ring for Guida’s mouthpiece. No one can find it. The referee gets a mouthpiece for Guida but he won’t put it in and knocks it out of the Ref’s hands LOL WTF is going on here??? Finally they get a mouthpiece. Basically, Guida wanted to buy some time to rest. Khalidov is throwing a flurry of punches reminiscent of Chuck Liddell on Tito Ortiz, the Ref steps in and calls it. Mamed Khalidov defeats Jason Guida by TKO due to strikes in round 2. Jason Guida pushes the referee very hard backwards, clearly frustrated by Khalidov and his frustration is topped of by the fight getting stopped while he is still conscious. Guida was not answering back and he was covering up but there were some very hard shots getting through. He wasn’t hurt but he was not fighting back. Khalidov was just going to town with probably a twenty punch combo of unanswered blows. One of the strangest fights I have seen in a long time. Very weird. Khalidov was very impressive. They keep saying Jason Guida had a mental breakdown. He did have a lot riding on this fight.

(MAIN EVENT) Dave Pee Wee Herman (11-0) of Bloomington, Ind. vs. Kerry Meat Truck Schall (21-10) of Cincinatti, Oh. at 265 pounds
Kerry Schall faced Fedor Emelianenko years ago but was defeated by armbar in round one. So he has faced some of the best in the world…..well actually, the best in the world. The undefeated Dave Herman has been training less than two years and he just trains by himself at home.
Rd.1 – Herman using sidekicks. And a front kick. And another and another. Schall lands a big punch and another huge one. But Herman is ok and grabs a muay thai plum and throws some knees and then a huge knee that puts Schall down. Herman follows it up with multiple strikes to the face that hurt Schall badly. The ref has no choice but to stop the fight. Dave Herman defeats Kerry Schall by TKO due to strikes.

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