by:  Jack Bratcher

If you are looking to make a few dollars on UFC 88: Breakthrough on Sept 6, 2008, there’s a few good picks that could prove beneficial if you have some money to play with.  To start, let’s take a look at the main event which features the return of the Iceman, Chuck Liddell, facing an undefeated Rashad Evans.

Chuck Liddell    -280
Rashad Evans    210

Even if you think Liddell will knock out Evans in round one and walk right through him, you are probably not going to want to put any money on Liddell.  On the contrary, if I had a hundred dollars to throw away I would put it on Rashad Evans and on this betting line from BetUS, one would make back a healthy $210.00.  And that is just the odds from that one site; other sites have Rashad an even bigger underdog.  Even though Chuck has a style that has historically posed problems for wrestlers, there are a few factors Rashad brings to the table which could make it a long night for the Iceman.  Do not count Rashad Evans out.  Training with someone who just beat Liddell his fight before last and also having a coach who helped put that winning gameplan together are two big reasons putting some money on Evans could fatten your wallet.

Rich Franklin    -240
Matt Hamill    190

Now here is the fight that could make you ghetto rich.  You got three or four hundred stashed away for a rainy day?  Got a nice plasma TV you could pawn and get some cash?  It is almost worth doing whatever it takes to find some money to put on this fight.  If you’re smart and have a hundred, two, or three-hundred bucks, here’s what you need to do…put it on Matt Hamill.  For every hundred you put on Hamill, you will get $190.00 in return.  Not bad huh?  Just remember when you win, throw your boy here some gratuity for giving you the tip.  We do have a donation button.  Here’s another tip if you want to lay down some money on this event; do it soon, because I have a feeling  those odds won’t be this favorable for much longer.

Karo Parisyan    -280
Yoshiyuki Yoshida    210

Potentially, you could bet the dog on these three big fights (and even the next one) and clean up on all of them.  It’s possible, though not probable you would win all three dogs…but it definitely could happen and you would be one happy MMA fan.  Karo hasn’t looked good in awhile.  I can’t even remember the last fight he was in where it looked like he was all there.  He just hasn’t seemed focused and committed in a long time.  The only thing I really know about his opponent is that he submitted “War Machine,” Jon Koppenhaver at UFC 84 in 56 seconds and he has a 10-2 record.  The very fact he submitted War Machine so easily tellsme the dude is no joke.  You just never know what to expect with Karo.  I wouldn’t place any money on Karo that is for sure. No way no how.  I could see putting $50.00 on Yoshida for a $105.00 return.  If you were going to ever bet on an MMA card this is a good one to start with.

Dan Henderson    -200
Rousimar Palhares    160

Dan Henderson is facing Palhares who is coming off a first round submission win against Ivan Salaverry at UFC 84.  Even though that’s an impressive victory and he has a admirable 8-1 record, he hasn’t shown me enough to where I would feel comfortable betting against Dan Henderson.  In other words, he really doesn’t stand a chance in hell to win this fight.  And Henderson is still fighting at middleweight?  Forget about it.  This is a guy who just went the distance at light heavyweight with Quinton Jackson.  Nope.  Keep your money in your pockets on this one.

Martin Kampmann    100
Nate Marquardt    -140

Both of these guys last fought at UFC 85: Bedlam in June where Kampan won by submission over a very tough Jorge Santiago and Marquardt lost a hard fought battle to Thales Leites by split decision.  Even though Kampan has a win over Leites, I think Marquardt will take this one.  However if someone really had their mind set on Kampan to win and wanted to put down a hundred, go for it, but I personally wouldn’t do it.

UFC 88: BREAKTHROUGH will air Saturday, September 6, live on Pay-Per-View from Atlanta, GA.

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