UFC fears another panic attack

Reports are surfacing that the UFC is prepared for another last second pull out by Karo Parisyan. The welterweight mainstay pulled out of his UFC 88 bout with Yoshiyuki Yoshida at the last minute with an injury. Controversy surrounded Parisyan’s decision, since he had recently gone on record claiming that he had been dealing with panic attacks for some time.

Now, it appears as if the UFC is fully prepared for a similar situation. Karo Parisyan is scheduled to face Dong Hyun Kim on tomorrow night’s UFC 94 card, and the promotion has lined up a “Plan B” in case someone pulls out.

Elite Warrior Championship veteran Rick Story is said to be waiting in the wings completely prepared to step in against Kim if the promotion needs him. If he is needed, Story will bring momentum into the cage considering he is currently riding a six fight win streak. His career record in 7-2.

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Chuck Liddell’s secret; an interview with Rashad Evans

by:  Jack Bratcher

Pro MMA Radio host, Larry Pepe, interviewed Rashad Evans last week and uncovered some very interesting information about the man who put the Iceman to sleep. Probably the most interesting and noteworthy detail of this interview consists of Rashad Evans revealing a “tell” that Chuck Liddell gave away in his fight that allowed Rashad to capitalize on the moment and send shockwaves throughout the UFC Light Heavyweight division and the entire MMA world. Much the same way a poker player may go all in, but a “tell” to one who knows has let on that it is a bluff, Rashad received a certain bit of information from a training partner that may very well have made all the difference.

When asked if the win had sunk in yet? Rashad says, “Yeah a little bit, but it still kind of feels unreal. I was such a huge underdog.” Rashad gives a lot of the credit for his win over Liddell to his muay thai and boxing coach, Mike Winklejohn. Evans says about Winklejohn, “He seen it coming a long time ago. He told me at the beginning of training camp, this is the punch that is going to put Chuck Liddell down.” According to Rashad, his coach had watched a lot of film on Chuck and came up with the formula that would take him out. In fact Winklejohn was so confident of how the fight was going to turn out he told Rashad just before the fight as he was warming up, “What’s going to happen is you’re gonna hit him with that overhand right and knock him out and I won’t be able to get into the cage afterward to congratulate you because he’s gonna still be sleeping.” And that is exactly what happened. I don’t even know if that is confidence. It is more like prophecy.

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Dana White post-UFC 88 interview

Many people were left feeling bewildered after UFC 88.  How could The Iceman, the most popular mma athlete in the world and a knockout artist in his own right, get laid out cold by a TUF winner?  How was this possible?  People began to act and speak as if it “shouldn’t” have happened.

Immediately after UFC 88 and following the KO heard around the world in Atlanta, Dana White spoke with ESPN radio where he addressed some of these concerns and a lot more. Here is what the good friend of Chuck Liddell and UFC President, Dana White had to say :

  • In reference to the main event, White states “Chuck Liddell has never been knocked out like that, ever.”
  • He goes on to say that Rashad Evans felt Chuck “was at the end of his career” and was very excited about his match up with the Iceman.
  • White talks about a “changing of the guard” and how The Ultimate Fighter is “the real deal” for bringing in new talent.
  • Now we have TUF 1 winner vs. TUF 2 winner for the LHW title.
  • White says the LHW title fight would have been Rampage vs. Forrest in a rematch but his legal issues screwed the timing up. [Rampage instead will fight Shogun.]
  • Dana discusses his questionable eating habits that were displayed during his video blogs.

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UFC 88: Breakthrough – CompuStrike Stats

Most of us know by now the fight results for UFC 88:  Breakdown, but let’s take a look inside the numbers with our content partner CompuStrike.

CompuStrike Results for Evans vs Liddell held in Atlanta on 09/06/2008:

Winner: Rashad Evans by KO rd. 2

Inside the Numbers: Liddell won a fairly uneventful first round, landing 10 of 36 total strikes to 10 of 27 for Evans, who kept the Ice Man on his toes in pursuit.  Between rounds, Evans’ coaches confirmed their gameplan seemed to be working by frustrating Liddell and causing him to chase Evans.   Capitalizing upon the Iceman’s hot pursuit and lowered left hand, Evans threw a huge over hand right that connected on his opponent’s chin, turned his lights out and laid the former light heavyweight champion face down in the Octagon.

Some have criticized Liddell saying he has become one-dimensional and the fact that he attempted just three leg strikes and zero takedowns does land some credence to that argument.

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Dana White’s UFC 88 video blog (#6)

Here’s Dana’s final video blog of UFC 88.  It’s the day of the fights there in Atlanta.  It shows behind the scenes footage of everyone getting ready and setting the show up.  Something interesting in this video is Joe Rogan talking about a chunk of Karo Parisyan’s leg is missing from a hamstring injury he never got fixed.  A very funny moment is getting to see B.J. Penn’s look-alike.

Posted below is Dana White’s previous UFC 88 video blog #5 from Sept. 5

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UFC 88 “Breakthrough” Indeed – Review

Courtesy of UFC.com
Courtesy of UFC.com

By: Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

The crowd at Philips arena was electric. There is no doubt, having been there myself, that Chuck Liddell is still the biggest draw in MMA. Everytime that the multiple big screens in the arena flashed an image of “The Iceman”, the crowd erupted. Leading up to the main event, you could see the excitement build as near the Octagon, celebrities like Randy Couture, Big Boi from Outkast, The Tapout crew, “Rampage” Jackson and others mingled with the crowd, with camera flashes going off like a field full of fireflies. As the lights dimmed, the crowd exploded anticipating the entrance of Chuck and Rashad. Rashad came out first looking confident and bouncing all over the Octagon while awaiting Chuck’s long stroll down the hallway and out into the crowd as he made his way to do battle for a likely shot at LHW champion Forrest Griffin. Rashad appeared really loose, even dancing to Chuck’s entrance music.

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UFC 88 Results, Analysis & Play-by-Play

by:  Jack Bratcher Ryo Chonan vs. Roan Carneiro Rd.1 – Not a lot of action. Ryo got cut over his left eye. Rd.2 – Carneiro slips and Chonan gets on top landing some elbows and ground n’ pound. Carneiro spent most of the round on his back. Rd.3 – Chonan stayed on top most of … Read more

UFC 88 Weigh-in results & betting odds

UFC 88, headlined by Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans, will air live on pay-per-view Saturday from Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia beginning at 10pm ET / 7pm PT. UFC 88 weigh-in results: MAIN CARD Rashad Evans (205) vs Chuck Liddell (204) Matt Hamill (205) vs Rich Franklin (204.5) Dan Henderson (185) vs Rousimar Palhares (184.5) … Read more

Parisyan off of UFC 88…did he panic?

by:  Cory Brady, Jack Bratcher

The UFC is reporting that Karo “The Heat” Parisyan has been forced to scrap his UFC 88 bout with Japanese veteran Yoshiyuki Yoshida. It seems that Parisyan has suffered a last minute back injury while preparing for this bout and will be sidelined for an undisclosed amount of time.

Parisyan was at the UFC 88 pre-fight press conference on Thursday where he reported for the first time in quite a while he did not have to cut much weight for this fight and seemed to be feeling great. Therefore, the injury must have happened sometime between Thursday evening and early Friday morning.

This must be very disappointing for Parisyan and the fans. The UFC does not have a replacement for Karo so the whole bout is scrapped and thus we get one less fight on the card and the fans who bought tickets get shorted a fight.

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