Scouting out the world of Professional Mixed Martial Arts:

  • Kimbo Slice is in a new Nike commercial working with San Diego Chargers running back, LaDainian Tomlinson, doing some straight up gangsta training.
  • If you are part of the Elite XC stable of fighters one of your goals is probably to fight on CBS. Debi Purcell fought on Showtime’s ShoXC card last Friday but will they let her on prime time with her own unique brand of “tramp stamp?”
  • Would you like to see the epitome of a “keyboard warrior” who has no clue what it takes to get in a cage and stand toe to toe with the baddest men on the planet?  Most of us have no idea what that is like.  And that is exactly the reason most of us don’t write open letters to professional fighters telling them how to do their job, especially a top-tier fighter like Kenny Florian.   This dude has some real nerve.
  • Gracie Mag has a new interview with Rogerio Minotouro Nogueira. He seems to be happy at his new home with Affliction. He talks about his recent fight with Dewees, what it’s like for the Nogueira brothers in America, and the future of MMA.
  • Brock Lesnar has a question and answer session with New York Times blog readers. They touch on a myriad of topics including steroids and gay UFC fighters.

      Kimbo and Tomlinson

      Debi Purcell has ink.  Cofield raised the question if this could keep her off CBS.  It’s a fair question considering it contains one of the eight naughty words of network broadcasting.

      Someone had the nerve to write an open letter to Kenny Florian criticizing him on his performance against Roger Huerta:

      “Dear Kenflo,
      Now, I’m a natural criticizer. I love to complain. But I hate it when you make it so easy for me, Kenny. I like you as a fighter (you’ve got great discipline, and you’ve got that warrior spirit shit that every hack announcer loves to throw around), but I gotta tell, you looked like an ass the other day.

      You came into the Heurta fight with a game plan: avoid his aggression, be aloof, and don’t let him control the fight. The game plan totally worked. You managed to convince the judges that you won that fight. It must feel pretty great. But I know deep down, you know you didn’t win. It’s why you don’t give a shit about this not translating into a title fight.”

      If you want to read the rest of this sad little letter go here.

      Here’s a Q & A session Brock Lesnar had with readers of Freakanomics, a New York Times blog.  We actually learn quite a bit about the former WWE Superstar turned UFC Superstar.  For one thing he doesn’t have internet.  Here’s a few more quotes from the big man:

      Q: Are there any gay U.F.C. fighters?
      A: I don’t know.

      Q: Do you consider ultimate fighting significantly more or less dangerous than W.W.E. wrestling?
      A: They are equally dangerous. You are putting yourself at risk every time you step into the octagon or a pro wrestling ring. With fighting — beyond the obvious risks associated with an actual fight — no matter how careful you are, there is a possibility of injury every time you train. One advantage with fighting is that you can take some time off to let injuries heal up and, generally, you’re not traveling excessively. In pro wrestling, being on the road and taking bumps in the ring almost every night takes a real toll on the body.

      Q: Gov. Jesse Ventura recently stated during an interview on The Howard Stern Show that he felt M.M.A. fighters were “working stiff,” or that the match outcomes are already decided but there is no “script” to be followed by the athletes. As a former professional wrestler, do you believe his comments have any merit whatsoever, or do they stem from an unfamiliarity with M.M.A.?
      A: I think Jesse was unfamiliar with the sport when he made those comments and probably has a different view after sitting ring-side at U.F.C. 87 last Saturday. It’s one thing to see it on the TV, but it’s a completely different experience when you are there live.

      Read Brock’s entire Q & A session here.

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