Unseen Gracie Challenge Fights

YouTube channel GracieBreakdown has graciously made some of the original, and some rare fights in the infamous Gracie Challenge series. They would welcome anyone from anywhere of any size in to their gym and roll them up in a ball before sending them on their way a whole lot more humble. Check out these old school gems.

Exclusive: HHCF CEO Adisa Banjoko interview, bridges BJJ and chess Part 1

Adisa Banjoko walks the walk. The CEO of the Hip Hop Chess Federation is an active speaker, teacher, trainer, and activist. His interests stem from jiu jitsu, chess, and hip-hop to religious tolerance, speaking out against domestic abuse, and racial harmony. He founded the HHCF to give a platform to his vision and help troubled … Read more

Renzo Gracie says his arrest was a misunderstanding

More than a couple MMA fighters were arrested Monday morning outside of a New York nightclub. As of this report, most of the men involved are still jailed. Among the arrested is Renzo Gracie, who was released this morning on a $10,000 Bond. Igor Gracie, Gregor Gracie and Andre Gusmao were also involved. In a recent … Read more

Sneak peek at Royce Gracie’s altercation with Eddie Bravo

A sneak peek at the upcoming Eddie Bravo documentary, a TUFMED Films original. This project provides insight into Eddie’s historic rematch against Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3 including his unique training regimen, his music, his family, his lifestyle, and his philosophy toward jiu jitsu… Also features clips from his altercation with Royce Gracie, which TUFMED … Read more

Unseen Gracie Challenge Fight Videos

Compliments of GracieBreakdown: Beginning in the 1920s, the Gracie Challenge was an open invitation issued by the Gracie Academy to martial artists of all other styles to fight them in a “vale tudo” match. A precursor to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the purpose of these challenges was to prove the effectiveness of the Gracie … Read more

The Gracie family’s six best performances

This weekend Kazushi Sakuraba takes on another member of the legendary Gracie family when he meets Ralek Gracie at Dream 14. There is not any fighter that has caused more damage to the reputation of MMA’s first family. If Ralek is able to pull of a victory it could become one of the most memorable performances in the long family history. Let’s take a look at the rest of the top six performances.

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