It looks like the UFC is about to bring their very special brand of Mixed Martial Arts to the dirty South in September for UFC 88.  Atlanta, Georgia is the destination for an event reportedly to be headlined by none other than the ICEMAN himself, Chuck Liddell.  Considering the hot muggy summers the South is known for, it will be perfect timing for the Iceman to show up with his cold calculating demeanor.

The South has been waiting for a UFC event for years.  In a recent demographic study that was shown on Inside MMA it showed the top ten most-watched markets for the recent Elite XC event on CBS healined by Kimbo Slice.  The Nashville, Tennesse market was number two in the nation and Memphis was also in the top ten.

This is good news for the Southern United States.  I think the MMA world needs to realize there is a huge fan base in these Southern states.  The South has a long history of struggle and toughness and MMA fits them perfectly.