NFL LIVE even talking about MMA now

This past week has been the biggest week in Mixed Martial Arts history.  More people are talking about the sport than ever before.  Yesterday when chatting with a co-worker about Slice, I hear a voice from behing me, “You mean Kimbo Slice?”  I said “Yes, did you see it?”  They replied, “Yes” and then they joined into our discussion.  I’ve heard old men talking about the Elite XC card on CBS.  I’ve heard people talking about it that have never bought a pay-per-view in their lives and have never seen a whole UFC card.  Overall, it seems to have been a very positive step for MMA.  Even though the diehards weren’t very impressed with the Elite XC show, we have to remember that event was not really for us, the already established hardcore MMA fan base.  It was to attract new fans to the sport and in that respect I think it worked perfectly….well not perfectly, but close enough.  It’s just amazing the publicity MMa has gotten from just one show on CBS.  Even the TV show called “NFL Live” had to make some comments.

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