by: Jack Bratcher

Notice in the picture above James “The Colossus” Thompson’s left ear (it’s on the right). Can anyone please explain to me what has happened? I know all about cauliflower ear, but I know nothing about and never knew anything like what we see in that picture even existed. I can’t even think of what to call it. There’s no fitting words. It’s atrocious, it’s foul, it’s awful and horrendous. It should be outlawed, removed, banned, and fined. It should be cut off, incinerated, destroyed, and scientifically removed from our memories forever. When Thompson gets hit, the awful appendange dances and flops and takes on a life of it’s own. If you hit it hard enough it will even spit back at you. I really feel sorry for the guy. If Goze (from Tagg Radio) asked me, “Would you rather have a horizontal ass crack or James Thompson’s left ear?” Believe me, I’m smiling and shitting sideways forever! BAN THE EAR!!

(Edit: I was just watching ESPN and they showed Kimbo vs. Thompson highlights from last night. And they showed Thompson’s ear flopping around. The broadcaster said, “notice the cauliflower wiggling.” Then as the highlight ended the other broadcaster says, “Disgusting.” LOL)

One thought on “BAN THE EAR!”
  1. the cartilage is dead. when kimbo hit it, it burst nothing in there but matter! nasty

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