Amazeballs: If Bloodsport was a video game, Mortal Kombat edition (Video)

Here at the PMN offices we love over the top things. Our boss, Jack Bratcher wears chainmail and a viking helmet to work every day because his understudy Gary Thomas carries a broadsword around whacking people on the head as a goof. I am only allowed to wear Nerf gear like Kelvin Hunt because we … Read more

UFC’s Noad Lahat speaks to CNN about leaving to defend home country of Israel

UFC fighter Noad Lahat is headed home to Israel after his recent win for what he feels are all of the right reasons. With the war in the middle east escalating beyond just petty squabbles things are heating up. Wanting to do his part is the main reason for the promising young athlete to leave … Read more

5 of the WORST wrestling promos of all time, with honorable mentions

In wrestling there are mic workers who excel and then there’s Fandango. Of all of the wrestling promos cut over the years these are five of the worst. By the end of this video list you will see what I mean and you will be be able to speak about what’s good and what’s terrible. 1. … Read more

7/28 RAW: Stephanie McMahon to wrestle again at SummerSlam, NSFW pic included

Stephanie McMahon has been the “Billion Dollar Princess” for so long that she may never shake the nickname. Technically, thanks to the WWE Network debacle, she is the “Million Dollar Princess” with the huge losses incurred by the initial cost of setting up the network. Her role on RAW for the past few years has … Read more

Ali Bagautinov tells real story of rumored fight with Rustam Khabilov before title shot

Ali Bagautinov faced UFC 135 pound champ Demetrious Johnson last month in what was a one sided fight. Johnson retained his flyweight strap with a 5 round smashing of Bagautinov. Shortly after the fight it was discovered that Bagautinov tested positive for EPO (erythropoietin). That substance specifically helps a fighter’s endurance. In response, the BCAC has … Read more

TNA’s future now unclear, full bad news round-up

The writing on the wall for TNA may be legitimate now. For years the wrestling company has been on the verge of closing its doors due to bad booking and business decisions. When founder Jeff Jarrett left the promotion is when it started to go downhill. Past their prime wrestling stars (Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, … Read more

In honor of his return, watch a young Nick Diaz get TKO’d in 2002 UA 4 video

In this old school fight clip Nick Diaz gets owned by a very tough Jeremy Jackson in the 2002 UA welterweight championship tournament. UA 4: King of the Mountain was Nick’s 5th professional fight and unfortunately for the Stockton native – Stockton 209..what?!…WHAT?!!! – he gets a beating put on him like no one else has … Read more

Sting, talks Vince, the streak, and WWE future in video, HHH and Bryan comment

Steve Borden, aka Sting covers a range of topics in a new interview posted by WWE on their Youtube channel. In this Video he speaks about his relationship with Vince McMahon and the WWE. Vince, and more recently HHH, have attempted to court Sting in to signing with the WWE. This has gone on since … Read more

Sting makes surprise appearance for WWE at SDCC (Pic)

It had to happen sooner or later. Sting makes an official appearance for the WWE at the San Diego Comic Con. Instagram user @WWEUniverse posted the following picture with the words “You want a major surprise? @Sting has descended upon #SDCC! #WWE“. Let’s hope this is a preview of the awesomeness that could be Sting’s … Read more

Priceless: Redneck gamer gets angry at Hispanic troll in XBOX Live video

  In this video you will see what happens when a redneck meets a Mexican online with voice chat enabled. The word troll here is referring to someone who baits others in to an argument strictly for their own amusement. This redneck goes from calm to just plain mad in a matter of minutes while … Read more