Artem Lobov is affectionately known to us as GOAT because he told anyone listening that he really was the greatest of all time. We do this tongue in cheek of course.

He and his pal Conor McGregor have been fiercely loyal to each other. McGregor kept Artem employed by the UFC as long as he could which if you remember was a while. He had an atrocious record of 2-5 but somehow managed to main event a Fight Night event. It pays to be a McPal.

Rumors started popping up about the Irishman leaving Straight Blast Gym (SBG) but his Russian friend told BJPenn Radio that those weren’t true.

No, Conor is still with us, we are all still a part of SBG. The thing is that many of the SBG fighters that have kind of retired now or whatever, they have opened their own SBG gyms. So we all will often train not only at the main SBG but other SBG gyms. For example, Peter Queally opened SBG Naas and that’s a great facility, so Conor and many of us would often train there. There’s SBG D24 with Paddy Holohan; we’ve got many SBGs now so as a result it may seem sometimes that we’re not all there at SBG HQ, but we still are all a part of SBG.

So there you have it. The GOAT Lobov says Conor is going nowhere. We like Artem but many fans feel his own career is doing the same. Going nowhere.

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