2020 has been a strange year for many of us, mainly down to the fact that we have all been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and has therefore made many of us adapt how we live our normal lifestyle. Due to this, many of us have been forced into lockdown by local governments meaning we have to stay at home where we can and therefore many consumers have had to find alternative ways to keep fit, as discussed below.

One of the biggest trends during the lockdown has been Zoom calls which have enabled friends and families to catch up and have quizzes, but also with many personal trainers running fitness classes with a range of ages being able to join in and keep fit. Joe Wicks has been the pioneer in this industry and has seen his stock rise due to this with thousands of people joining in each week. 

Another easy way to keep fit during lockdown and one that has virtually no cost at all is that of Running. This is so low cost as all you have to have is a pair of trainers and the time to go out on a running. Running is great for the body and stamina and even better as you are getting your fresh air and nothing more refreshing and mind cleaning than getting out there and doing it. Lots of GPS tracking apps including Strava have enabled runners to be able to track our runs and enable us to attempt to try and beat our times.

Whilst resting from your fitness sessions during lockdown, many consumers have found themselves logging onto online casinos to use their extra disposable income from not commuting to work to use on these markets. Some American casinos accepting players have seen the beneficiaries of this and have seen a surge in numbers in 2020.

And finally, the latest activity that has been a craze during 2020 has been Yoga – the good thing about yoga is that it isn’t just good for your fitness and body flexibility but also one of the best activities for the mind and mental health and gives you time to relax your breathing and clear everything out of your mind. Although Yoga might seem daunting task to start with, there are thousands of guides and videos online now to be able to start for a beginner and one that we couldn’t recommend further. 

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