We all are very well aware that exercise is essential for our body but do you know that it also helps increase our brainpower and strengthen our brain. Research shows that fitness exercise plays an important role in boosting our memory and keeping us mentally sharp. The below-mentioned fitness exercises help the brain to improve memory, focus, and even increase intelligence. If you want to build brainpower, make sure you start doing these fitness exercises and incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. In this article, we’ll explore these 6 brain exercises in more detail that will help you hone your mental sharpness and support your brain to stay healthy for people of all ages.

1. Plank – A full-body workout

Even if you are a student searching through the web looking for platforms like EduWorldUSA to outsource assignments or an adult who is finding it hard to give their senses and brain a break, the plank is a single exercise that can help enhance your cognitive abilities and improve mental focus. Research shows that even 15 to 30 minutes of physical exercising helps activate your brain and increase concentration levels. Doing plank makes the blood flow to the brain and keeps you mentally charged. It has a positive impact on brainpower, tone your muscles, and stay in shape. The plank pose is a bodyweight exercise that enhances our bio motor skills like endurance, flexibility, and balance. Also, if you keep exercising regularly and eat a healthy diet, you will have an improved metabolism that will squeeze the tension out from your muscles.

2. Squat – To alleviate mental dullness

Exercise is not always fun. Every one of us has gone through the phase where we want to work towards a healthier routine with a regular exercise schedule, but somehow, we get distracted because of the lack of time or resources, and this routine never happens. The squat is a strength-building exercise that helps you stay physically active, which is best for the gray matter and helps in keeping your brain healthy. Research shows that when we squat, it sends signals to our brain that stimulate the production of new, healthy brain cells. Yes! These new nerve cells allow you to adapt to new pressures, both mental and physical. Squats help you keep your brain sharp and build muscles in your lower body.

3. Jumping Jacks – Packed with brain-boosting ability

We know that sleep is important for a healthy brain. A lifestyle that includes exercise can help improve sleep quality. Lack of sleep can cause various mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. If you are a college student and are stuck with some assignments that you need to submit in one or two days, try to unload your work in two groups. First would be the one that you can do within the deadline without messing with your sleep, and for the rest assignments, you can look for an expert from a platform like TrumpLearning, where you can find professional experts to place requests like ‘do my physics homework‘. So, now, you can make time for this warm-up exercise to get your blood pumping that gives your brain an energy boost and helps relieve all the stress to clear your mind.

4. Running – Excellent for the brain

Do you know that running works wonders for our brain? When you start running, your heart starts pumping and pushing blood through your body and mind. Being a student is not easy. A student must be exercising to increase their concentration power and get their body moving. Regular fitness exercise can produce new brain cells and improve overall brain performance. Believe me or not, running also helps with decision-making, higher thinking, and learning. For instance, if you take hours to solve a simple math problem, and end up submitting an incomplete homework or assignment, this is the result of poor decision-making. You must pay someone to do my online math class, which is the correct way to deal with that problem, and submit your work faster.

5. Breathing Exercises – Keeps your brain active

While you are not taking care of your body, you are also not taking care of your mind. Breathing is one of the best ways to feel happy and relaxed. Breathing exercises can boost the body’s ability to deal with existing mental tension and refresh your body and brain at the same time. Put simply, the breathing exercise helps you bring your attention to the present moment and boost the health of your brain. Breath-holding exercises, in particular, can optimize your attention and alertness level while giving you mental clarity. Well, taking time to breathe can help you relax, reduce anxiety, and relieve stress. Regular deep breathing practice can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, reducing the risk of stroke. Deep breaths have a soothing effect on your mind, and you will feel more focused.

6. Yoga- Improve brain vitality and boost memory

Well, many of us have unestimated the power the Yoga. Yoga not only keeps your body healthy but also increases your memory power and concentration. We all know that our brain controls the ability to talk, think, and feel. So, it becomes extremely important for us to do the efforts and exercise required to keep our brain active for our body to function fully. Students need a sharp mind to learn new things and face exam pressure, while an adult has to deal with enormous problems to live a healthy, happy life. So, Yoga helps keep your body and brain healthy. Simple yoga postures like lotus pose, plow pose, seated forward bend pose, and standing forward bend yoga pose improves the blood flow to your brain and reduces stress that calms your mind.