Watch ‘CM Punk: Mixed Martial Artist’ test Mortal Kombat uppercut on ‘Because: Science’

I just can’t say this with a straight face. CM Punk – mixed martial artist. The YouTube channel ‘Because Science’ had the former WWE star on to use his MMA skills. They needed someone to test the Mortal Kombat video game uppercut. The official video description reads… One move that all Mortal Kombat games have … Read more

Free WWE Immortals mobile game now available (launch trailer)

The creators of Mortal Kombat have released WWE Immortals, a new free-to-play video game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. The game takes your favorite WWE superstars and amps them up with superpowers and the mythology that many of their pro wrestling characters are based on. Think Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior or The … Read more

Amazeballs: If Bloodsport was a video game, Mortal Kombat edition (Video)

Here at the PMN offices we love over the top things. Our boss, Jack Bratcher wears chainmail and a viking helmet to work every day because his understudy Gary Thomas carries a broadsword around whacking people on the head as a goof. I am only allowed to wear Nerf gear like Kelvin Hunt because we … Read more