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Here at the PMN offices we love over the top things. Our boss, Jack Bratcher wears chainmail and a viking helmet to work every day because his understudy Gary Thomas carries a broadsword around whacking people on the head as a goof. I am only allowed to wear Nerf gear like Kelvin Hunt because we are sort of the PMN crash test dummies. Paper airplanes made of metal tend to find their way, soaring in to our cubes daily giving us concussions and maxing out our insurance premiums just months in to the calendar year. Stuff gets real, real fast around here. If you get a chance ask Jack and Gary about the incident that involved circus midgets, paintballs, 4 blind chihuahuas, a fire hose, and some nail guns.

When we came across this video we had to share. Someone has taken the epic, and memorable film Bloodsport and edited it amazingly in to a realistic looking Mortal Kombat video game. Attention to detail is tremendous as is the dedication and time someone had to spend on this to make it look legit.

Bloodsport was based on a true story that really wasn’t a true story, but it was so unbelievable that people believed it. Frank Dux himself made it up so hard that it became real to him enough to make insane statements. Things like an underground fighting organization that didn’t really exist measured kick speeds with portable, focused laser radar gun technology that had not been invented yet. Apparently watching people beat each other up for money wasn’t as important as leg velocity to gamblers.

Regardless of that story being utter bull crap this video mash-up more than makes up for it. Check it out.

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