Isolation break: You haven’t lived until you have seen chair fu training

Whoa-ho-ho-hoooo. Everybody was chair fu fighting. It’s time for yet another attempt at making the current pandemic isolation more tolerable. This time it is something I 100% LOL’s while watching. See, before I started training in all things MMA in 1998 I was a third degree black belt instructor in a McDojo system and I … Read more

LOL: Fighter gets knocked out, wakes up, hears crowd cheering and celebrates

This is one of the cleanest, best pleasures. TCAP reference there. Chris Hansen would be proud. This is one of the funniest combat martial arts moments I have ever seen. A fighter gets knocked out, wakes up in a different reality, stands, hears the crowd cheering for the other fighter, thinks it’s for him, and … Read more

WATCH: McDojo Mc-Master’s gi must be superhuman

Look man. We love martial arts and I got my start in a traditional school with a true bad ass named Eric Moberly. He would later thankfully introduce his hundreds of students to Krav Maga and it sparked me to go train with Rich Franklin and a host of others with another bad ass instructor … Read more