5 of the worst pro wrestling finishers of WWE’s modern era

Back in the 80’s a wrestler’s finisher was a big deal and that continued until 2002-2003 or whenever Stephanie McMahon stepped in as creative head. Why, God? Why? A finishing maneuver could make or break a wrestler just look at Randy Orton. ‘The Viper’ without the RKO makes him an athletic mid-carder at best and … Read more

Enzo Amore drops another music video

I’m going to apologize in advance here. Enzo Amore got a raw deal by WWE releasing him due to the rape accusations which turned out to be false. Yes, he failed to notify them but at the time it looked to be no big deal and he thought the police would solve it quickly. He was wrong. Still, he didn’t have to start dropping Enzo style rap videos on us. What did we do to him? The latest is called Bury me a G. Check it out…

Enzo Amore cleared of all charges after being fired by WWE

Enzo Amore was a victim of the WWE corporate overreacting monster. He was charged with sexual assault and failed to notify the WWE because by all accounts he thought he would be quickly cleared. He was wrong and it went public late last year which prompted WWE to very quickly distance themselves from him. He posted a very welcome photo of a document stating he is cleared of all charges. Where you at WWE?

Backstage news on when WWE knew about Enzo Amore rape allegations and Enzo’s heat from it

WWE officials were not aware of the rape allegations against Enzo Amore until Monday. PWInsider reported that until the media contacted them for comment they were oblivious. Enzo and his Zo Train were slated to face the returning Dudleys in the third hour forcing WWE to scramble for something to fill the time. They approached … Read more

Update: Enzo Amore released from WWE

Short and simple, Enzo Amore was released from WWE with a simple statement. Enzo Amore released WWE has come to terms on the release of Eric Arndt (Enzo Amore). This comes shortly after it was reported he was suspended due to rape allegations in Arizona. For the suspension and back story CLICK HERE

Updated WWE Survivor Series card for November 19th

  November 19th WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view takes place in the Toyota Center in Houston. The card has gone through several changes over the past month and with all the illnesses and departures there are a few “TBA” spots on it. Still, it is looking pretty solid overall. Check it out. 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series … Read more