VIDEO | Cris me outside how bout dat? Cyborg appears in new Bhad Bhabie video

We are living in an alternate universe where arguably the best female fighter in the world appears in a music video with Danielle Bregoli. If you don’t know who that is we don’t blame you because up until she started stretching her 15 minutes of fame we had forgotten. She’s the “Cash me outside, how bout dat” girl from the Dr. Phil show that sparked an army of memes and remixes of her appearance on Youtube. Cris Cyborg – and I can’t believe I am saying this – appears in her new music video called “Juice”. Listen at your own risk and look for Cris.

WWE Monday Night Raw 4/11/16 live results, updates, video highlights

* Shane McMahon opens the show and announces AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn for tonight. Kevin Owens interrupts and confronts Shane by demanding a shot at the Miz’s Intercontinental Title. Shane says he can earn the shot if he defeats Cesaro right now. * Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro — Cesaro finishes Owens with a Neutralizer … Read more

Josh Grispi’s wife defends her husband on Dr. Phil (VIDEO) Former UFC featherweight Josh Grispi (14-5) was arrested earlier this year on charges of domestic abuse against his wife Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn appeared on the Dr. Phil Show Thursday to tell her story and well, hopefully get some help. Interestingly enough, Kaitlyn is dismissal of many of the charges against her husband and remains highly confrontational … Read more

Dana White, Kenny Florian, and Forrest Griffin on Dr. Phil (video)

UFC President Dana White, along with UFC fighters Forrest Griffin and Kenny Florian appeared on the Dr. Phil show earlier this week regarding the subject of “Dangerous Teen Trends.” Among other issues being discussed, a particular group of teenagers had been engaging in “underground fight clubs” at their school in hopes of one day becoming … Read more

Teens in underground fight clubs come face-to-face with real UFC fighters on Dr. Phil

PRO MMA ( told you earlier this week that Forrest Griffin along with Kenny Florian and UFC President Dana White was going to appear on an upcoming episode of Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil has now released details of the show entitled “Dangerous Teen Trends” in a weekly newsletter and on his website.

Dr. Phil McGraw is a former psychologist who was first introduced to television audiences as a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the 90’s. He later branched out into his own show and has been on the air since 2002. His show addresses all sorts of issues from weight-loss to teens on drugs to cheating spouses. Dr. Phil acts as a type of psychological guru who offers advice and help to those in crisis.

The upcoming episode which deals, with among other things, teenagers who participate in underground fight clubs, and two teens in particular who say these unsanctioned fights are helping them prepare to reach their goal of becoming UFC fighters. Dr. Phil introduces them to real UFC fighters and Dana White to see if this really is a viable avenue to the big leagues.

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Forrest Griffin to appear on Dr. Phil show

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and the original “Ultimate Fighter” Forrest Griffin appeared on “The Dr. Phil Show” yesterday. Griffin mentions it briefly in his new BSN blog, “I was also on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show yesterday; check it out, the episode airs May 14th.”

Griffin does not reveal the theme of the show. Possible themes could be, “People who have an impossible task set before them” or “Why the hell did I sign that contract?” Other themes could be, “Dr. Phil tries to help people who know they are about to die” or “Arachnophobia victims.”

Griffin has signed on to fight UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva, who is moving up to Light Heavyweight because he has become so utterly bored with the middleweight competition. He already made this move once last year for the same reason. “The Spider” fought James Irvin at 205 pounds and knocked him out in just over a minute.

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