Teens in underground fight clubs come face-to-face with real UFC fighters on Dr. Phil

PRO MMA (promma.info) told you earlier this week that Forrest Griffin along with Kenny Florian and UFC President Dana White was going to appear on an upcoming episode of Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil has now released details of the show entitled “Dangerous Teen Trends” in a weekly newsletter and on his website.

Dr. Phil McGraw is a former psychologist who was first introduced to television audiences as a regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the 90’s. He later branched out into his own show and has been on the air since 2002. His show addresses all sorts of issues from weight-loss to teens on drugs to cheating spouses. Dr. Phil acts as a type of psychological guru who offers advice and help to those in crisis.

The upcoming episode which deals, with among other things, teenagers who participate in underground fight clubs, and two teens in particular who say these unsanctioned fights are helping them prepare to reach their goal of becoming UFC fighters. Dr. Phil introduces them to real UFC fighters and Dana White to see if this really is a viable avenue to the big leagues.

The following is a description contained in the Dr. Phil weekly email newsletter and on the show’s website of the episode which will be shown on Friday, May 15th:

Dangerous Teen Trends
Nutmeg, candy, cough medicine, air freshener — these may seem like common household products, but your teen may actually abuse these items. Maureen and Tim found out the hard way. The couple admits that they initially looked the other way when their 14-year-old son, Sam, started “smoking” crushed candy and then snorting powdered drink mix. Now they believe Sam’s experimentation with these legal foods led to his making an illegal marijuana purchase behind a local movie theater. Dr. Phil has a heart-to-heart with Sam to get to the bottom of why he uses drugs. What does the eighth grader admit that brings his father to tears? Dr. Jim Sears, co-host of the hit show The Doctors, weighs in on these risky trends. Then, Adela worries for her 17-year-old son, Alex’s, safety after discovering that he’s participating in an underground extreme sport — teen fight clubs. Alex and his 16-year-old friend, Casanova, say that these amateur boxing matches train them to reach their goals of becoming Ultimate Fighting Champions (UFC). How do the teens respond when they come face-to-face with real UFC fighters? And, Teresa and John say they had no idea their 12-year-old daughter was leading an alternate life online … and you won’t believe how she accessed the Net!

Editor’s Note: Forget the fight club kids, I want to see what the candy smokers and powdered drink mix snorters are all about!

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