Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and the original “Ultimate Fighter” Forrest Griffin appeared on “The Dr. Phil Show” yesterday. Griffin mentions it briefly in his new BSN blog, “I was also on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show yesterday; check it out, the episode airs May 14th.”

Griffin does not reveal the theme of the show. Possible themes could be, “People who have an impossible task set before them” or “Why the hell did I sign that contract?” Other themes could be, “Dr. Phil tries to help people who know they are about to die” or “Arachnophobia victims.”

Griffin has signed on to fight UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva, who is moving up to Light Heavyweight because he has become so utterly bored with the middleweight competition. He already made this move once last year for the same reason. “The Spider” fought James Irvin at 205 pounds and knocked him out in just over a minute.

Most MMA experts believe Griffin will not fare much better and predict Griffin’s style will play right into Silva’s strengths. Griffin addresses the match up in the BSN blog,

“I’m just mainly focusing on my up coming fight with Spider at UFC 101. I know, the news broke a few weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to address it on here till now. I jumped on the idea to fight Silva… this is going to be one ridiculous match. I need to be mentally prepared to fight this guy. The past few fights, it looks like nobody has really lived up to their potential when going up against Spider. I want to at least come in and fight up to my ability. I’m just focused on dealing with him, showing up prepared and getting an actual fight going.”

We are not sure what topics Forrest Griffin discussed with Dr. Phil. Yet for someone who has the monumental job of trying to physically defeat someone who has knocked out almost everyone he has faced in the last five years he should probably be getting all the advice he can.

Forrest Griffin will take on Anderson “The Spider” Silva as the co-main event of UFC 101 on August 8, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Editor’s Note: It appears the actual theme of the show will be kids trying to take the “Kimbo street-fighting approach” to get into the UFC and/or MMA, and Dana White and Kenny Florian will also be on the program.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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