Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter

No business has ever made money giving money away. Not that the purpose of business is to make money, but without profit, businesses do not grow.

Profits are reinvested in the form of jobs, products and services. Without growth, we cannot employ, shelter or nurse our neighbors.

Money cannot perform these tasks as we have found through our government’s potent spending spectacles. Most government projects run a loss, requiring reinvestment from the people who fund them, the worker.

Trouble is, we are working for the growth of our own businesses, our families and our communities. We cannot afford our own government because we do not profit from our investment.

We seem to spend a lot of time and money these days on projects that show no return on our investment. Anytime money, products or services are exchanged without investment, that project will show a loss.

Businesses can only grow if it’s workers grow the business. Once again, our workers are not growing our business. Our government’s losses are the result of spending that fosters no growth.

Consumption without investment by those outside of a business creates that loss. Our projects must benefit our investors and our workers. Without profitable projects and a growing business community, we are destroying our innovators and any future opportunities.

The happiest people on the planet don’t work for a living. They exercise their passion in pursuit of their purpose. Happiness is the secret to life and it cannot be learned, it can only be earned.

Thus our hardest workers are our happiest neighbors and their purpose is to spread happiness. Happiness is the most profitable business.

Problem is that it’s hard to work nowadays. Business is so heavily controlled and regulated that very few are happy with their work. Control and regulation has destroyed innovation and stolen our happiness.

The growth of mixed martial arts is a direct result of this destruction. Only in the cage can one man or one woman, work, unregulated, toward a purpose.

Sure their are rules, but they are common in sense and respectful in judgement. People love to watch work and respect profitable results. Therefore, much has been invested in the business of mixed martial arts.

Not only are it’s lessons being taught and it’s events being followed, but it’s very discipline is overtaking our social conscience. Thump a stranger. It’s good for the community.

Fighters, regardless of record or stature, are happy workers. They tirelessly work toward a purpose for the profit of their investors.

Those who are invested in the business of mixed martial arts earn discipline, pay respect, exhibit honor and selfishly entertain. It is a happy community because no one can take from it without honest investment.

Every person yearns for a purpose and that purpose need be their passion. Without passion, individuals become lost in translation. One cannot fight without passion. It is with absoluteness, the key ingredient to happy work.

Work is a fight and fighting is good for the community, so thump a stranger, and you will profit. We should not profit from our treasures, but treasure our profits. Let us treasure our fighters because they are our workers and teachers. They are on the front lines of innovation and we all profit from their work.

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