FREE: Anthony Smith vs Volkan Oezdemir

This Saturday former light heavyweight championship contender Anthony Smith Will try to course correct after he got absolutely smashed by Glover Teixeira in May. He steps in to the cage against Aleksander Rakic on Saturday to try and work his way back to a title shot. Before he does, watch him beat the last man to defeat Rakic, Volkan Oezdemir.

Anthony Smith slams corner of Max Rohskopf for not stopping fight with Hubbard

Max Rohskopf stepped in at the last minute to face Austin Hubbard on June 20 on a UFC Fight Night card. Just before the third round started Max continually told his corner including coach Robert Drysdale to end the fight and they repeatedly said no. Encouraging a fighter is one thing but when that fighter … Read more

Chael Sonnen is legit ‘red hot’ at damage done to Anthony Smith

Usually when we hear Chael Sonnen say he’s mad it seems like a promo. This is different. The damage that Anthony Smith took from Glover Teixeira at last night’s Fight Night was very hard to watch. It’s great that people are praising his toughness and grit but it was so bad that he lost teeth. His face was battered and he was thoroughly exhausted well before the referee finally stepped in to save him in the fifth round. Anthony’s corner arguably should have stopped the fight after the third or fourth round but instead they chose to send him out in the 5th and that is what set Chael Sonnen off. This is definitely worth a listen.

Glover Teixeira Octagon interview after Fight Night mauling of Anthony Smith

It was particularly brutal to watch. In the main event of Fight Night: Smith vs Teixeira We saw Glover Teixeira absolutely maul Anthony Smith. Mercifully the referee called a stopped to the action in round number five and saved Smith from further beatings. After the fight Smith could be heard saying that his teeth were falling out. If that doesn’t tell you how bad it was nothing will. Here is what Glover said in The Octagon after the impressive finish.

UFC Fight Night Smith vs. Teixeira Wednesday Night!

Wednesday night continues the comeback of live sports with UFC Fight night.  Namely UFC President Dana White has inspired much of the sports and gambling community.  Most of the other sports leagues and organizations have been tepid about coming back.  Counter to that is the indominable spirit of White.  From the moment that COVID-19 shut … Read more

Anthony Smith’s home invader identity is a WTF moment

Seriously this cant be real. It just can’t. Most of our readers probably know that Anthony Smith tussled with a home invader recently. The former light heavyweight title contender has a little more street cred after the possible identity of the trespasser was revealed.

I haven’t seen the official police report so I’m not able to confirm that this really is true. If it is that was one heck of a dude to get the best of. Well done Anthony, well done.

Hey Malignaggi now you have Anthony Smith taking shots at your Lobov loss excuse

Former boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi once boasted he could beat Conor McGregor with one hand behind his back. Then two things happened… In his first boxing match ever McGregor went in to the tenth round against Floyd Mayweather Jr looking good until his cardio got the better of him and Floyd capitalized. Second, Malignaggi lost … Read more

PIC: Anthony Smith wasn’t lying about his broken hand against Gustafsson

UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith submitted top ranked Alexander Gustafsson in the 4th round of their fight on Saturday which was impressive enough in itself. When you find out he broke his hand before that it is a true testament to just how good Smith is. Ariel Helwani shared an x-ray photo of the damage … Read more