Hey Malignaggi now you have Anthony Smith taking shots at your Lobov loss excuse

Former boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi once boasted he could beat Conor McGregor with one hand behind his back. Then two things happened…

In his first boxing match ever McGregor went in to the tenth round against Floyd Mayweather Jr looking good until his cardio got the better of him and Floyd capitalized.

Second, Malignaggi lost a bare knuckle fight against just above below average striker and UFC washout Artem Lobov.

Having trouble eating crow the former boxing champ lost his mind on the MMA community taking specific aim at guys like Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen. Videos like the one below are becoming commonplace.

The latest to weigh in is light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith who appears to feel like the rest of the MMA community does about Paulie’s comments to the media.

A broken hand admittedly makes it difficult to win a fight but you knew what was at stake Paulie. You knew the consequences of losing to the living MMA meme Artem Lobov. Just let it go and move on or more fighters will start slinging shade your way.

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