I will let you decide for yourself whether this is legitimate or not.

Anthony Smith had a chance to win the UFC light heavyweight championship but failed to do so. He faced Jon Jones at UFC 235 and lost by unanimous decision and Smith hasn’t looked like the fighter he was since.

He has kept things classy in the PR department and is a very positive person by all appearances so when his claims against Jon Jones came out recently it was quite a shock.

Here’s what he said on The Jenna Ben Show

He does this well, he does that well, he was suspended for this, but I never get into his drug test bullshit. I never even told anyone Jon failed every drug test the entire week leading up to our fight. Every single drug test. I never brought it up one time in any interview, in any media thing, nothing. The commission called me every day to let me know he was still failing his drug tests. I never said anything, I let it be because I was just focused on myself and always believed that if you just focus on yourself you’re going to be that much more successful.

Jones is no stranger to failed drug tests so making claims like this is dangerous. As you know in the world of mixed martial arts if you make one mistake fans will assume you are making the same mistakes constantly and getting away with it even when it is not being reported. Once a cheater, always a cheater. The sad part is that some of the time that phrase is true. Brock Lesnar, Chael Sonnen, and the list goes on.

Those claims I’m pretty damaging especially with Jon’s reputation. His response to Smith was short and sweet.

What do you think of all of this?