Moments of WTF: Wing Tsun / BJJ Defense Solved? Doubtful

I would like to say that the techniques in this video look even remotely close to something that would work against a wrestling shot or jiu jitsu takedown, but I can’t. This looks like how Kip from Napoleon Dynamite would be fighting off uncle Rico’s unwanted advances. There is nothing here that says the guy in prison orange could defend himself in a real fight unless he was able to dictate how and which arm to use when getting attacked. Rex Kwon Do comes to mind.

Tuesday Tech: iPhone 6 screen secrets

Rumors are already starting to roll in about Apple’s purported iPhone 6, according to Apple Insider. The newest claims come from Chinese analyst Sun Changxu, who told Chinese-language Web site QQ Tech that the smartphone will come in two large-screen sizes and could be unveiled as soon as June.

UFC Fight Night 35 – Rockhold vs. Philippou highlights *Video

Luke Rockhold bounces back after a knockout loss to Vitor Belfort like the tenacious former Strikeforce champion he is. After landing a few hard shots earlier in the fight Luke lands a kick to the body that sends his opponent Constantinos Philippou down to his knees unable to defend himself . The referee steps in to … Read more