Bob Sapp is a freak show of a man. He was a favorite overseas because he was hulking, likable, and bull rushed his opponents at the sound of the first bell.


He is an embarrassingly dismal 1-13 in his last 14 fights. His lone victory came via doctor stoppage when Tofan Pirani injured himself kicking the crap out of Sapp. Before what could be the worst decline of a fighter we have ever seen he was a resepectable 10-4. 

In this edition of Big 3, we call out “The Beast” Bob Sapp and the 3 highest, and lowest points of his career.


Bob Sapp almost fought Mike Tyson after his victory over UFC legend Kimo at the K-1 World Grand Prix 2003 in Las Vegas II

After a very lackluster performance that saw an already over the hill Kimo get knocked out by physical exhaustion, Mike Tyson entered the ring and it got awesome. Sapp was held back by about 10 people and Mike stood in the middle of the ring smiling waiting for them to let him go. Let’s face it both of these guys saw their careers jump the shark a while ago, and heck some may argue Sapp never had a career. This fight would have lasted 30 seconds, until Sapp was out of breath, or Mike hit him hard once. Still, this was a crazy moment and we loved  every minute of it.


Bob Sapp vs. Alexander Lungu, SuperKombat World Grand Prix IV

Bob Sapp got pummeled by a very, very fat man in Romania back in 2011. This was his 10th loss in a row and he really should have called it quits after his last win because this eventually happened. Watching this is a reminder that even though someone was a star in the Pride organization it didn’t always mean success elsewhere. Right Cro Cop?


Bob Sapp defeats Ernesto Hoost twice in one year, K-1 World Grand Prix 2002 Final Elimination and K-1 World Grand Prix 2002 Final

Bob Sapp started off like a man on fire by defeating legendary K-1 fighter Ernesto Hoost twice in 2002. It showed that he was not just a sideshow attraction at the time and that he could actually fight back then.

Hoost vs. Sapp 1

Hoost vs. Sapp 2


Bob Sapp gets bitch slapped before a fight – almost gets KO’d.

This may have been fake, or it could have been real. Bob Sapp gets Rick James slapped in the face at a press conference by an Asian gentleman and it appears he was rocked. Seriously, this is Bob here – it could have been a KO if they weren’t careful.


Bob Sapp defeats Fedor Emilianenko in 2013 – in an arm wrestling match…

This was what Bob Sapp is good at. He can light up the room with his smile and his presence demands attention. He arm wrestled Fedor Emilianenko in 2013 and he won fairly easily.


This highlight reel of Sapp getting mauled

When people make a lengthy highlight video of you getting demolished that is not a good thing. Here is a look at some of Sapp’s most memorable moments in fighting and they are unfortunately all losses.


What do you think Sapp will be remembered for?

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