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GAMER TAG: Seanmcclureky

I am an avid Blacklight Retribution fan on the PS4. I started out a little rocky and it admittedly does take some time to get used to the speed, weapons, and tactics. Once you get them down you can become invincible.

This week I got 1st place a ridiculous number of times and even went 33-1. The one death? I blew myself up so they couldn’t kill me 4 or 5 against 1. Check the screenshot of unholy dominance. I even beat the closest score to me by 3K.




In one of the games this week I went 29-2. One death came from blowing myself up by accidentally derp-shooting my own proximity mine, and one was from a noob named Chaos_shadow.

I killed him 5 times without the new Gunman Hardsuit equipped, they released in the latest patch, and 6 while wearing it. I completely owned this poor guy and with like 20 seconds left in the game he shoots a rocket launcher along with 3 other revengers I crushed, and blows the suit up. He then runs over and sits on my character like 14 noob times and I was too busy laughing to respawn and go kill him again. I was up 11-1 and he promptly left the match for fear of retribution.


When you kill someone who is dominating you and you lose your mind and start rapid taunting, sitting on someone’s character before leaving the match – you look like a complete herp-derp coward. Take it like a man and accept that someone just has your number during that match, or they have a great team and work well enough where the player can kill you at will. If your team is not working leave the next match before it starts and rejoin a new match where your chemistry is needed and complements the dynamic of the group. The best solution is to ignore them and worry about killing as many of their team as possible. Winning the match > revenge killing.


Playing the Vertigo map I load out with IR protection, proximity mine, HE grenade, and HRV blackout for gear. I use the Heal Injector along with heavy armor. My helmet is the Allied Hunter and while it lacks in armor it is amazing in terms of its health and recharge combination. 240 health / 8.2 or something like that recharge for the HRV.

On the maintenance deck side, the one across from the elevator shaft deck, place a blackout on the wall right next to the depot and pop out and snipe. Drop a proximity mine in one of three places: Directly on your blackout so if they shoot it they shoot the mine, too. You can place it on the corner to your right if you are looking a the elevator shaft side so they trip it when the round the corner or get close enough. Finally, in the very middle of the doorway. You will find that people revenge killing become blinded with anger and miss these spots alot.

You can snipe to the north or at individuals posted up on the elevator shaft side, including the highest platform in this map. It’s Rooftop C, and snipers usually camp there.

If you are being swarmed, warm up the HE grenade and wait for it to almost explode before kamikaze blowing yourself up in the midst of them. You kill them and they don’t get a point. Do that if you can’t escape.


Stay tuned for more Tales From the PS4!

2 thoughts on “Tales from the PS4: Blacklight Retribution stories, tips”
  1. You constantly talk about “fear of retribution” when it comes to other players. I think you may have them pegged wrong. Now I don’t know what equipment you use, but from the sound of it, I would say that you don’t go with you stock assault rifle or even regular depot items. I feel like they are actually raging really hardcore and kill you leaving them with the satisfaction that they wanted. I know because I have felt this pain. People using toxic ammo, exploding tommys, anti mats cross map hidden in a blacklight. People get frustrated not fearful. I feel as if you are looking to yourself with too much pride. Also with that I would ask, what equipment do you use. I read your other article and found it lacking in such information. I find myself using the bow, what weapons do you bring to the table?

  2. I’m the user ace_hardlight 28 on psn and the anti riffle is garbage on mist of the maps in the game so barely anyone uses them. I just use mine once in a blue moon to troll people lol. I have three nades that deal 300 damage to I can get kills with a good enough throw and proxi mines to cover my flanks/set traps. I use different weapons for different maps and it really works well. Never use the same exact load out for every map

    Btw everyone is running around with that broken toxic ammo and it’s annoying, that permanent death tag needs to be changed asap

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