Former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker is in a weird spot in the division right now. He is 0-2 against current champion Israel Adesanya and with the division full of challengers it might be a while before he gets another shot. His best hope is that a new champion is crowned but if that doesn’t happen it could be a long wait.

There are other options for him because Dana White is pretty open to fighters trying new things including jumping up a weight class. That is an option for Robert because he has a solid skillset that would probably carry over easily. Our concerns with it seem to be echoed by the man himself who opened up to Submission Radio about his (via MMA Insight).

I’ve been thinking about 205 a fair bit. The problem is, I wouldn’t go to 205 to come back down to 185, just because I don’t want to go to 205 as a fat 185, right? You see a lot of guys try that and they just get starched. And then they come back down. It doesn’t make sense.

When I moved up to 185 the first time, there was no way I would never go back down to 170. I could never. Got to put on muscle, you have to train at that weight. Got to do all of the bits and bobs, then and there. But I’ve been thinking about 205. I think it will be a more natural weight for me, personally, but the height disadvantage is annoying. I don’t know if I would want to deal with that.

Moving up in weight and then coming back down is usually not a good idea. Big shifts in weight loss and weight gain can wreak havoc on the body of an athlete. Just ask Roy Jones Jr…