Michael Chandler exploded on to the UFC lightweight scene in 2021 by obliterating Dan Hooker in under three minutes at UFC 257. He is 1-2 since that initial win but in his last fight he made a case for a big name opponent when he brutally front kicked Tony Ferguson in to unconsciousness. One name Chandler has brought up repeatedly is former champ-champ Conor McGregor.

Conor is a name called out by too many people to count. A fight with him is almost a guarantee that the person will receive their highest payday ever. Naturally when you command that kind of attention like McGregor does you can pick and choose your fights. So far, Chandler’s name hasn’t been one he has entertained.

Still, Michael continues to talk about him and occasionally it’s friendly. Here’s what he said on Food Truck Diaries.

You’ve seen my handling of Conor. At some point, do I want to fight the guy? Of course, but we do gotta’ cut Conor a little bit of slack. He broke his leg in half and everybody’s calling him names, everybody’s calling him out and doing all this stuff, everybody wants the fight. Also at the same time, let the guy recover. The sport of mixed martial arts, and especially the lightweight division, is better when Conor McGregor is part of it. But he needs to come back at the right time and not rush it. He snapped his leg in half.

So, you got him out and if you’re talking about Charles (Oliveira) who wants a big money fight, he’s minced no words, he wants the big money fight, he thinks he deserves it and I’m like, that’s cool, do that. You deserve it. But when’s he coming back?

If Conor were to accept this fight he would be facing an opponent who likes to stand squarely in the pocket and pressure you to play his game. As a first fight back from a serious injury this might not be the best option for the Irishman but it’s Conor so who knows.