Here we go again?

If the 2017 boxing match between former UFC featherweight and former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor vs undefeated former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr taught us anything it was match-ups like those are a circus.

The match was entertaining with McGregor silencing the doubters taking Mayweather in to the later rounds. The Irishman would gas out and lose in the tenth via TKO but raked in a reported nine figures for the loss. Naturally when their pay per view earned a spot at number two all time in terms of sales a rematch was immediately discussed. Team Mayweather is notoriously hard to negotiate with earning Floyd’s “Money” nickname which stalls almost every proposed fight’s negotiations.

SportBible is reporting (via The Sun) that rematch talks between the McGregor and Mayweather camps have started and may be further along than expected.

A source claims that personal terms have already been agreed between the two fighters but there is yet to be an agreement over the number of rounds, with former UFC champion McGregor wanting 10.

– The Sun

The fight is also reportedly set to happen at a weight of 155lbs. Given Conor’s massive size right now that would be a challenging weight cut but money is the great motivator for many so who knows.