CSAC passes eye poke reform measure

Maybe, finally, hopefully eye pokes will stop ending fights. It is unlikely to prevent them, but it is a step in the right direction.

The Association of Boxing Commissions have reportedly passed an eye poke measure that would allow fighters who have been the victim of an eye poke up to five minutes to recover. This is on par with the current allowance for fighters getting in hit in the groin.

California State Athletic Commission’s Andy Foster read the new measure aloud.

A fighter who has received an eye poke as called by the referee is allowed up to five minutes to recover from the foul as long as the ringside doctor confirms the fighter may possibly continue in the contest once recovered. If the fighter states they can see and wish to continue, and confirmed by doctor, the referee shall as soon as practical restart the fight….If the fighter goes over the five-minute time allotment the fight cannot be restarted and the contest must come to an end with the outcome determined by the round and time in which the fight was stopped.

CSAC’s Andy Foster

So what they are saying is that if a fighter gets poked in the eye they have five minutes to recover and if they cannot return to action bout is over. Sean O’Malley vs Pedro Munhozended in a no contest on July 2nd from an accidental eye poke which is likely what pushed the measure to the forefront of discussion.