This weekend we will finally get a resolution to the most talked about, or at minimum the most personal MMA feud in the last five years. Two former friends turned bitter rivals both arguably at the height of their popularity meet at UFC 272 on Saturday. The buildup has been entertainingly toxic and sometimes caustic, but more importantly it has been undeniably real.

Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington and former teammate and friend BMF champ Jorge Masvidal will hopefully manage to not lay hands on each other before their fight. Threats of what might happen if they cross paths in the street or in the hotel beforehand are a daily occurrence but both of them know that would be bad business. Don’t they? This bout being cancelled would be devastating.

During a presser Colby was asked if after all of this is over, win or lose, would he bury the hatchet with Jorge. The answer was a venomous and resounding no. He called Masvidal’s politics fake and and the man himself a criminal.

I think most normal fans would want a handshake or to see some sort of sportsmanship because of just how close they used to be. It still might but the odds are looking bad for that to occur.