Colby Covington’s true self tries to expose itself from time to time. The guy that takes smiling photos with fans and gives inspirational words to kids when they meet him. That version of Colby. It feels like the second loss to welterweight champion Kamaru Usman may have softened his bad guy facade somewhat. Maybe we will finally see the true mixed martial artist behind the MAGA hat he so proudly wears?

Probably not…

When asked about fellow high profile fighters he usually cuts a scathing promo on them but Conor McGregor seems to be getting a pass. McGregor has never been the same since he boxed Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2017. From a UFC double champ to someone on a 1-3 skid. Ouch. Covington spoke to James Lynch recently and had the following to say about the Irish mega star.

He just looks to get headlines. He’s just looking to stay in the spotlight, you know, get some attention around him because he’s coming off some losses. People are questioning if he still has it, what he’s still capable of doing. He’s made a lot of money, man. He had a great career and he’s had some special moments in the UFC and in his career where he’s made so much money that he’s so filthy rich that he thinks he’s above the law now,

Maybe he didn’t give him as much of a pass as initially thought but it was tame coming from Colby. Do you think the real Covington is finally coming back?