Marvin Vettori what are you doing?

Number 2 ranked UFC middleweight contender Marvin Vettori just beat former title challenger Paulo Costa. The fight moved was moved from the middleweight division to a catchweight, and finally to light heavyweight. Costa unashamedly and almost indignantly revealed days before the fight was to take place that he would be nowhere close to making the 185 pound agreed-upon weight limit. It was an embarrassing circus created by the Brazilian’s irresponsibility.

Marvin could’ve bailed and left the UFC and fans without a proper main event but he decided He was going to take it anyway and it paid off. Not only did he win the fight, receiving a bonus in the process, but he won the respect of pretty much everyone for winning it under the circumstances. I’m not sure his public relations people or coaches told him this because he’s already trash talking again.

Target? Who else. Current UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

Marvin first fought Israel in April of 2018 and lost a very close split decision. He eventually got a rematch but his performance the second time out left a lot to be desired. Adesanya is 2-0 against the Italian but the losses haven’t seemed to diminish his goal of earning another shot. If there is a third fight it would be one of those rare trilogies where the fighters haven’t traded victories before the final bout. If you follow them on social media they have been trading barbs. Maybe that counts just as much? Chuck and Tito did it that way so why can’t they…

TMZ caught Marvin on the street and he didn’t hold back. He said he was going to f$&k up Israel Adesanya on sight. If he had a public relations representative worth their salt he would not be back to verbally targeting the champion. Someone should’ve told him about the fan good will and support he has and to play off of that. They didn’t and this is what he had to say instead.