Colby Covington has the nickname ‘Chaos’ for a reason. Before, during, and after his fights there is always some level of controversy. Most of the time it is not because of his actions but rather his often mean spirited words and over the top opinions.

People in the know, or at least those who have spoken to Colby before his rise to infamy know he is a good guy underneath the bad guy façade. You may not see it, but even today behind the scenes he is visiting with and interacting happily with fans. So much of what we do not see on TV contradicts the brash fighter image we do.

A lot of people understand that he was about to be cut from the UFC and some even sympathize with him for doing what he had to do to remain relevant – and employed. He went from happy teammate and friend to big mouthed villain almost overnight. The biggest difference between him and someone similar like Chael Sonnen is that Covington tends to take it too far, too much.

Colby failed in his first attempt at dethroning current UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. Despite winning multiple rounds and being just minutes away from likely winning a judges decision, Covington was on the receiving end of a technical knock out. Since that loss he has thought of nothing else than a rematch and it will finally take place at UFC 268 on November 6th at Madison Square Garden.

Unless you live in a cave or under a very large rock you know that Covington is friends with former President Trump and family. They have been in attendance for some of his fights, posed for pictures with Colby, and have frequently called him on the phone. Covington also is notorious for wearing the red MAGA hats and stumping for Trump’s reelection. Apparently the Trump family is on the attendee list as well as a few other celebrity surprises.

This is some of what he told TMZ Sports along with his thoughts on “actor“ Usman. Check it out.