When Jon Jones left the UFC light heavyweight division and vacated the title he defended so many times it caught us off guard. At first there was no real explanation given and then it started spreading quickly that Jones would move up to heavyweight. Speculation of his potential opponent started until finally Jones made it clear he wanted a shot at the title.

Then it went sideways. Diagonal even.

Current champ Francis Ngannou versus the light heavyweight GOAT Jones would be a blockbuster fight. The only true obstacle is money it would appear but as we have said before… Isn’t it always money? How much the UFC is willing to pay and how much Jones would be willing to accept did not meet in the middle. Not even close.

Jon wanted money to rival some of the highest paid boxers and the UFC wanted it to rival the highest paid MMA fighters. Huge discrepancy there so his debut was pushed back. It appears all of that may have changed.

During a media appearance today he discussed the delayed debut and stated he would be returning in the second quarter of 2022. If this is true will it be against Ngannou or will the Nigerian even be champion then? If there is a new champ will Jones face him? It’s a mystery but it does seem like Jon is certain he will be fighting mid next year

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