Holy alternate dimensions Batman…

Triller’s freak show boxing match between former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield versus former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort just got freakier.

44 year old Belfort is now the odds makers favorite over 58 year old Holyfield. The odds shifted in the Brazilian’s favor shortly after the open workouts occurred in which the boxing great looked slow and sometimes awkward. During the press conference some fans on Twitter commented that he even seemed a little off mentally. To be real here, Holyfield is in tremendous shape for a man close to 60 but his movement is much slower than the incredible boxer he once was.

Before the workouts and presser Holyfield was at -120 and Belfort at -110. The odds now are much different via oddsshark.

Holyfield +200

Belfort -275

While we would agree that Evander is way past his prime we also remember his long and hall of fame worthy boxing career. If he connects solid it could still be lights out for Vitor and another notch on his belt. However, if he is as slow as some are claiming he looks then Belfort could do some real damage and boost his stock.

Crazy times.