It is no secret that the staff here are unashamedly pro wrestling fans. We may not watch the current product but we remember the good old days. When we remember those days the nostalgia filter is usually turned up and then – we find gems that we absolutely have to share.

Shock of all shockers this particular one happened in WCW.

The British bulldog was a mainstay of WWF television for a long time. He endured through the absolutely atrocious new generation era and cruised into the attitude era with an easy transition. He was always known for his powerful in ring style and incredible physique and unfortunately later in his career for his drug and alcohol use.

It was easy during the late 80s and early 90s to hide drug abuse because the Internet wasn’t around to share all of the backstage secrets. Once it became a thing and wrestling news websites spun up monthly the inside information quickly became outside information. Suspensions became much more common due to the fact that the public was now aware of the substance abuse problem. If it wasn’t a suspension it was a release and during the Monday night wars it was common to see wrestlers from WCW appear on WWF television and vice versa. Most of the time, according to reports during this era, it didn’t really matter why the wrestler was released from the other company. As long as it would pop ratings they were hired.

If you don’t believe us just reference the 2006 signing of Kurt angle by TNA. He was reportedly released from the WWE for substance abuse problems and immediately signed by TNA. Wrestling is a crazy world.

We don’t like to make fun of people but we do like to make fun of pro wrestling. This may be one of the worst wrestling promos ever put on television. This occurred backstage for WCW and it was one of the strangest scenarios possible. Lower card dancing German wrestler Alex Wright had begun feuding with legendary British bulldog. This is the result.

As always we apologize in advance and you’re welcome.

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