Most news outlets use social media posts as starting points. Sometimes things get very real on there.

Francis Ngannou is the clear number one contender to Stipe Miocic and his shiny UFC heavyweight championship belt. Although a case could be made that Jon Jones should be the number one contender since making the move to heavyweight most would say the former light heavyweight champion doesn’t deserve it like Francis does.

Ngannou has knocked out his last four opponents including two former heavyweight champions in devastating fashion. There is no question he has earned it but sometimes in the biggest organization in mixed martial arts that’s not how it works. They are the biggest because they make big money. Conor McGregor was the only true exception in the last decade who was allowed to compete in anything big outside of the UFC while under contract. He boxed Floyd Mayweather Jr. but ultimately lost halfway through the 10th round. It made him a very very wealthy man. Call outs between boxers and MMA fighters started flying and a more recent one is actually surprising. It’s Miocic expressing his interest in dipping a toe in a boxing ring.

Please no. If Stipe decides to compete in boxing that would be a big blow to the UFC especially since they recently crowned him the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time. I think Dana White has stated enough already that he’s not interested in another boxing cross over anytime soon.

Stipe’s comment boiled down are that another fight with Francis doesn’t interest him because of Ngannou’s poor performance the last time they faced off. When has that ever been a factor? Tito Ortiz got a second and almost a third fight with Chuck Liddell despite getting knocked out in both. Plus, in the heavyweight division the list of contenders may be more than before but the list of viable contenders is relatively small right now. After Stipe made those comments Francis made his response short and sweet.

We have seen this cat and mouse situation before but in this case I firmly believe this fight will come to pass.

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