If you are going to say that someone is the best at something make sure they haven’t lost by submission to someone with a middle of the road record and that they didn’t get obliterated by their bitter rival.

Conor McGregor accepted a fight with former middleweight champion and arguably the greatest middleweight of all time, Anderson Silva. Dana White appeared to be wanting none of that fight and it never came to fruition. So what would’ve happened? Anderson Silva struggled with that question, too.

In an interview with ESPN’s Bret Okamoto , Anderson states that he believes that Conor McGregor is one of the smartest and the best in the game right now. To put it in context he was first asked how the fight between the two would go. Sometimes with Anderson he gets 90% right of what he intended to say so it’s better if you listen to the interview for yourself rather than me trying to explain it.


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