Do you remember those “sh** just got real“ Memes? I think Sean O’Malley may be a time traveler from that period.

Many words and clever social media posts have been exchanged between former UFC bantamweight champion turned flyweight challenger Cody Garbrandt and rising star Sean O’Malley. Sean was the one who instigated this simmering feud and after weeks of Cody trying to dismiss it he finally gave in to the back and forth. So many questions from reporters were asked about it that he could no longer ignore it. Now it’s just another hot fight to look forward to but with the timing and restrictions, and potential injuries we may not see it until next year if at all.

Possibly our favorite social media jab from O’Malley is this one. We officially call it the “stepdad“ post. I don’t know if it’s the scooter or all of the accessories in the second image but you need to see both of them to appreciate it. The no shoes was an amazing touch because the image of Sean in his jorts, holding what could be an Ale8 bottle, and sporting all of his equipment reminded me of a dude who lived on my street. Don’t judge. I’m an 80s kid from Kentucky.


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