I hated seeing former featherweight champion Jose Aldo drop down to bantamweight because he looked like a walking skeleton.

Look at his chicken legs in the above picture and tell me that isn’t just a tad scary. Aldo has usually looked pretty solid at the featherweight 145 pound limit so seeing that emaciated version of him was jarring. It wasn’t just us either that made our thoughts known. The MMA community was all over it with our favorite comment we found being, “Aldo looks like he ate a chicken and is still trying to poop the legs out”. Ouch.

Thankfully he appears to be getting back to the old Aldo in terms of health and that makes us happy. Who knows, Aldo may move back to 145 permanently now that Max Holloway is no longer champion?

Does he look better to you? Should featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski be nervous?

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