It isn’t a normal week unless we get a post from Ronda Rousey that involves goats going crazy on Browsey Acres, her throwing oranges at said goats, or something along those goat lines. It’s nuts.

Go ahead and make the GOAT jokes. We’ll wait.

Her latest post is her, we think, in sweats, a geek beanie, and mom glasses. She’s brushing one of the biggest steers we’ve seen on Instagram because lord knows we go searching. Kidding.

In the comments we saw a good post from WWE legend and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle asking her if she does the same to hubby Travis Browne. Well played Kurt because Travis has that monster beard that, now that we think about it, looks like a goat‘s.

Watch this video of the former WWE and UFC champion stroking a steer. God that sounded bad. Did you ever think this would be her Destiny?

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