Someone please take social media away from CCC aka Henry Cejudo. The current UFC bantamweight and former flyweight champion is becoming known not for his accomplishments, but for his cringeworthy promos and social media posts.

His latest is a cringe fest where he slams commentators with big noses who also might be fat, sick, and depressed. Keeping it real we have no idea what the point is of attacking the people you need on your side for public relation purposes. We also can only speculate ESPN’s Ariel Helwani is the big nose he is referencing due to his not so subtle “Nose Awards” he is giving out.

Moving on…

Eric Albarracin has coached his team to a combined total of 7 UFC and Bellator championships. Two of those are UFC belts that were simultaneously wrapped around the waist of Cejudo and two more are Bellator belts currently worn simultaneously by Patricio Freire. He is not as well known as Faras Zahabi, Duke Roufus, or Greg Jackson but he probably should be.

Eric won silver medals in wrestling at the Pan American Championships and coached on TUF: Brazil 2 and TUF: Brazil 3. What’s more impressive is that he is currently a soldier in the US Army and is the OIC of the Army Combatives system. He’s apparently juggling both of his demanding duties of coach and soldier at the same time. Respect.

The point is that he has the pedigree and also the championship titles that were placed on those who rose to new heights under his tutelage.

Unfortunately the campaign for Albarracin to be recognized as coach of the year is being led by cringe master Cejudo who posted a photo on Instagram with a cringe message underneath it.

Who is your coach of the year?

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