This is another one of those truly baffling MMA WTF moments.

Chris Weidman is in Chuck Liddell territory right now having gone 1-4 in his last 5. All four of his losses are by TKO/KO and his one win was a rocky one at best against former welterweight turned middleweight Kelvin Gastelum. Not a good run at all.

Chris recently decided to move up to light heavyweight and like fellow former middleweight champion Rich Franklin he just might be able to make it work. It’s true that coming back from 4 knockout losses is no easy task but there are probably some names I could pull out of my brain that bounced back if I thought about it long enough. There are far more examples of fighters who couldn’t and I guarantee you the casual fighter can spit at least one name out. Point being – Weidman has a long road ahead.

Unless you ask him.

In his mind if he wins his first light heavyweight bout against Dominick Reyes at UFC Boston later on this month then he sees himself fighting light heavyweight champion Jon Jones next. Weidman vs Jones? What planet is he currently living on?

What are you smoking Chris?

Here’s what he said on UFC Unfiltered about it and take a shot every time he says ‘kind of’.

If it’s up to me, I dominate Dominick Reyes and I go against Jon Jones. That’s the goal. All the guys kind of ranked in the top five, I feel like Jon Jones has kind of beat most of them already. It does kind of give me the ability to kind of skip the rankings a little bit and jump up there. If the UFC and the fans and everyone thinks it makes sense. But first thing’s first, I gotta prove myself in the weight class. Otherwise none of this matters.

Someone needs to check him and be honest that at 35 he’s not getting any younger and a few more knockout losses could mean permanent brain damage.

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