In case you have not heard, Cain Velasquez showed up on Fox TV. This time it wasn’t an MMA appearance for the former UFC heavyweight champion it was in a WWE ring on Smackdown. The appearance involved old foe and fellow former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

Cain removed the belt decisively from Lesnar’s waist back in 2010 and almost ten years later it appears he might be ready to take the WWE championship off of him. The only issue holding it up is a contract with the pro wrestling juggernaut for Velasquez.

According to insider Dave Meltzer the contract was initially pulled from the table because Velasquez’s appearance was leaked to the media beforehand. It was in question several times throughout the week and until we see a picture of the signed contract we won’t be holding our breath.

Check out what Cain said to ESPN MMA below.

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