Let me sum up what the title of this article means.

Angry CM Punk leaves WWE. Punk goes on friend Colt Cabana’s podcast. Punk unloads on everyone including a physician he claims is essentially an idiot. Doctor sues Cabana and Punk. Cabana sues Punk. Lawsuit ends.

Essentially, Cabana was seeking $200,000 in unpaid legal fees, along with a hefty $1 million in damages. On the flip side, Punk wanted $600,000. This equals half of what he paid attorneys for Cabana.

It is apparently finally over. Can we move on please?

Here was Punk’s brutal takedowns of critics on Twitter trying to slam him for how he handled the situation with his friend Cabana.

In all fairness that’s the best takedown we have ever seen him do because it didn’t happen in any of his MMA fights.


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