To think we almost got Nick instead of Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal is nuts.

After dispatching Anthony Pettis in impressive fashion back at UFC 241 Nate Diaz called out fellow ‘gangsta’ Jorge Masvidal. The crowd went nuts as did fans around the MMA world. These two men are most likely going to flip each other off, throw haymakers, and after touching gloves try to kill one another in the cage. Just another day in Stockton. What? WHAT?!

Both of these men are loved and respected for their tenacity and fearlessness and putting them in the same room should prove interesting. Will they lose it and start a brawl or will they politely talk trash?

Dana White will be presenting a one time ‘BMF’ title belt to the winner so the stakes are high for their careers and reputations. UFC 244 is going to be off the hook!

Here’s the date and announcement for the showdown:

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