Dan Hardy wants Nate Diaz in return

Once upon a time UFC welterweight Dan Hardy was believed to be a dangerous title contender. He got his shot at GSP and lost which started a 4 fight skid. He turned it around won two in a row only to retire due to a serious medical condition called Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome. It essentially affects the beating of the heart and can produce symptoms of a heart attack or straight up cardiac arrest. We don’t blame him at all for retiring because that truly meets the criteria for serious.

It’s been since September of 2012 that he stepped in to The Octagon as a competitor but all of that may change. On Joe Rogan’s podcast he revealed he was jumping back in to the USADA testing pool and to squash any doubt of his intentions to return he revealed his desired opponent when he comes back.

Enter Nate Diaz. Hardy said (via thebodylockmma.com):

Honestly, right now, the guy everyone wants to fight is Nate Diaz. That’s the ideal pick…. Oh, I’d eat his lead leg up until he starts falling onto my punches and then I knock him out. Simple.

Is it though? This isn’t the same Stockton slapper that was in the cage when Dan retired. Hardy should probably shoot a little lower on the ladder until he gets that ring rust off.

What do you think?