UFC Fight Night 162 features a whopper of a match-up between jiu jitsu wiz Demian Maia and high level wrestler Ben Askren. The October 26th bout is a make or break moment for Askren and Singapore will play host to it.

In his last bout Askren was knocked out in embarrassing fashion by Jorge Masvidal in 5 seconds via flying knee. This bout needs to be win in a five round war, a decisive win with a finish, or it could be curtains for Ben. Dana White didn’t want to sign him for the longest time but in typical UFC fashion – he was eventually signed. A loss might make the UFC President regret it.

Should Askren win he will have cleaned some of the stink of the Masvidal loss off and he might find himself in a money fight. Maia is on a 2 fight win streak and another win might get him in to a title eliminator. This is an important clash for both.

Check out the pair in this special media face off in Singapore.

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