CRINGE: Tito Ortiz and Alberto Del Rio cut in ring promos for their MMA bout

To be honest we weren’t even paying attention to our Tito Ortiz radar when this happened.

Former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio and UFC champion Tito Ortiz have a fight coming up under the Combate Americas banner but a date hasn’t been set. One thing the pair has managed to do is cut a promo worse than the juice box crushing Bellator one Ortiz did for his fight with Chael Sonnen.


We almost didn’t share this..almost. This is by far one of the most cringe inducing MMA in ring hype jobs we have seen. Del Rio we expected more from you and Tito this is what we expected from you so it evens out?

Just watch this and tell us in the comments if you have any interest in this fight between a 20-12-1 Ortiz and a 9-5 Del Rio.

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